Healing The Womb, the Source of Creation.


In this workshop we’ll look at a woman’s flowing, creative identity. Our womb’s are physically and energetically the source of creation. However, she’s also like the lofthouse for emotional trauma and baggage you don’t want to deal with.

It’s amazing how many women don’t give their womb’s the attention it deserves, and neglect developing the relationship with this sacred space within us.

Our wombs aren’t just about creating a baby, it’s where our ideas, projects, our dreams are born!

When we have alot of blocked energy there this can hinder us, create obstacles for our energy to flow and prevent our creative expansion.

I invite you to join me for this Kundalini Yoga Workshop where we will focus on healing the womb, clearing the energy and releasing the creative powers in the first two chakras.

We’ll practice Kundalini Yoga, meditation, relax and receive sound healing, we’ll also chant together to raise our vibration and get the creative juices really flowing so we can express ourselves as the divine sacred beings we are 😍


Shanti Bee Newcastle
17th May 2019

Event £20 click here to book Newcastle

Please drop me an email to let me know you have booked.

Saltburn by the Sea
19th May 2019


Devajeet Kaur teaching at EPIC Festival 2019!

Let’s meet in Marrakech | 21-23 June 2019 !

Empower People – Inspire Change

Join us to celebrate life and unite during 5 amazing Fusion Masterclasses mixing Yoga, Music, Dance and Arts !

Epic Yoga Festival will gather international yoga teachers, skilled musicians, danseurs and artisans from all over the world, with an aim to give back and support selected social impact projects from Africa.

This is a unique opportunity to create change while experiencing the inherent vitality and rich cultures of the African Continent!

More than a Festival. A movement.
Yoga, Art, Music and Philanthropy

To get your tickets click here!

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