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July 2018 – The Power of Ong

I recently had this profound realisation after working on the Mantra’s, ‘Ong’ and ‘Kar’. ‘Ong’ is associated with the feminine, lunar, cooling, relaxed energy – it flows, nowhere to be, nothing to do just Is. ‘Kar’ is the masculine force, this solar powered, active, stimulating energy provides structure.

August 2018 – The Magical Ashtang Mantra

I became inspired and wanted to learn more about Ashtang Mantra, the cosmic cycle, that gives you the power to open “the lock”. This is not something insignificant and greatly deepens the experience of meditation.

September – Desire to Deserve 

“Spirit is truth and true justice, say it with infinite love. People beg and pray, give to us, give to us, and the giver of all keep giving.” Japji.

Many of us are driven by the desires of the ego. Constantly seeking the gratification that will make us feel whole, although we all know the ultimate treasures lie within. However, desires arise, and we pray for God to meet our needs.

Yogi Bhajan taught “desire to deserve”.

October – Valuing Innocence 

Yogi Bhajan said that “Man suffers for one reason, he loses his innocence. When you lose your innocence, you end up with disputes. The idea of this yoga is to regain your innocence. So that the universal consciousness will serve you and maintain you. When your doubts are gone, then your fears will be gone and all of your experiences will be ones of happiness.”

November – High Vibing at the London OM Show

So this year I was asked to pull together a team to represent Kundalini Yoga at the London OM Show, I knew I could rely on the princesses of the Northeast Sangat, and last weekend we journeyed down South, whites and turban prepared, ready to spread the light!

December – Rebirthing with Anand Kirtan 

The teachings suggest that every seven years we have a Cycle of Consciousness, this changes our perception of ourselves and the world. The first seven years of life are paramount in building a foundation for the rest of our lives!  Its when we learn about relationships, how to love and trust. But if we were not given useful messages in our early years, this can have a lifelong impact on us.

January – The Aquarian Man

Hari Karam Singh teaches Man to Man workshops at Joy Yoga London, he shared with me that:-

An Aquarian Man should relate to a woman not as a boy or as a player or as an apology but from his noble, courageous, and totally straight masculinity. He should relate to a woman as the seed does to the soil of the Earth. With her the whole fruition of his life is possible from concept to mighty oak tree. But if the soil has not been properly nurtured or if you plant the seed too shallow or too deep then nothing shall arise for you. He should understand that the woman is the moon that reflects his subconscious mind. As he directs towards her so does he to himself, amplified 16 times! Be straight and clear with yourself first. When approached intelligently that relationship holds vast potential for spiritual growth, dignity, and for fulfilling the deepest desires of his mind, body and soul.”

March – And now I wear my turban…

These negative comments have the power to ruin your whole day if you let them, unless you’ve developed enough self awareness to know, the only person’s opinion that matters about you… IS YOU!