The Redvolution – Red Shed Northeast


At European Festival 2019 I experienced my first encounter of ‘The Red Tent’. The Red Tent is a safe space for women to be together, to listen and be heard, to share stories, advice & just ‘be’ in a beautifully accepting space. I was intrigued.
At the Red Tent I was invited to a ceremony for pregnant women to welcome their baby’s soul to earth. In the Kundalini Yoga tradition this happens on 120th day of pregnancy. A time to rejoice, and honour the mother through prayer, meditation, singing. This experience touched my heart deeply, my heart opened and my tears flowed. I felt resentment that society’s rituals seemed so shallow to me these days, we seemed to have lost the meaning, the authenticity and beauty in celebrating milestones in our lives and replaced it with consumerism and alcohol. Where did it all go wrong? But this sparked something deep in my consciousness.

Some months late Ruth Willis, a Doula and devoted healer of women contacted me and told me about her ‘Red Shed’ project, I was quizzical of the coincidence but knew the divine was listening. We talked of our ambitions to support women, in their health, their lives, their journey ❤️

Last weekend at KY teacher training NE we discussed the magic of what it means to be human, to be women, to be in relationship. As the divine plan unfolds to us this morning I received a message the Red Shed is open ❤️

The Red Shed is a REVOLUTION. A movement in women’s healing and empowerment. I’ll be offering ceremony to welcome the baby’s soul to earth, singing and mantra, sound healing and Yogi Bhajan’s teachings for women. The Red Shed is pay as you feel and inclusive of all women. This is a space for us, to gather, share stories, be in sisterhood. Yogi Bhajan taught us we must elevate ourselves as women, and our communities will be elevated, he said ‘you must look beyond the mirror, you are the spirit, the soul, you are the self. You are the honor, the source of all sources, the redeemer of all redeemers. From you this creation is born.’

If you want to get involved or to know more about events, visit or email or
http://www.facebook/theredshednortheast ❤️

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