At the end of 2018 we started the first Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Northeast England.  And my, what a journey it has been. A number of my gorgeous students, who loved Kundalini Yoga decided to take their practice to the next level, and go deeper into the teachings. Yogic training isnt easy, but my God it is worth it.

My heart is wide open. To be part of this journey with such amazing people, and having the opportunity to mentor souls on their path is a true blessing from God. I’ve observed so much courage, joy, perseverance, emotion, grace, this week.

Spirit is truly awakened and more souls embark on their path to hukam into the divine and share their divine light.

I’m blessed to organise the Kundalni Yoga Teacher Training in Northeast England. This practice is so amazing and can change lives, and with the amount of depression, anxiety, illness, etc etc our community needs tools and practices that will help people to stay balanced and deal with lifes challenges. Kundalini Yoga uses ancient technology and philosophy which developed from the ancient Yogi’s, Yogi Bhajan made it more accessible to the ‘householder’ and brought it to the west.


If you want to heal yourself, your family your community. Consider emarking on this journey with us….next training begins April 2020.


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