Northeast Kundalini Yoga Festival – ‘Open Your Heart’

fest 19So here we have it, what’s in store for you at the Kundalini Yoga Festival happening right here in the Northeast of England. You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
The theme is ‘Open Your Heart’, where a number of our talented Northeast Teachers will bring you an experience of the heart.
The fantastic Pulp Fiction Future Foods will be delivering nourishing vegan feasts made with love, filling your belly full of goodness.
And so much sound healing….you’ll be sooo blissed/gonged out by the end of it we’ll have to peel you off the ceiling!
Here is the program:
Friday Night 6:30pm: Lindsay Hamberg will take you through a practice to open the heart center, and work on the energies that are blocking you from experiencing the highest vibration….love. Lindsay will help you to develop a deeper sense of self love. Yogi Bhajan said “Your heart has not to open to others. Your heart has to open to yourself.”
Dinner: An Ayurivedic feast
Selection of delicately spiced plant based dishes including daal, Kitchuri, sprouted beans and light curries served with breads, chutneys and sauces and nibbles. Mango Parfait for desert.
Saturday and Sunday mornings begin 5am with Sadhana, Sadhana gives us the opportunity to experience the infinite within ourselves, we connect to our higher consciousness and cleanse the subconscious.
“In Sadhana the sadhu lives,
In Sadhana the necter of Gods love rains down,
In Sadhana come the blessings of Simran, Awareness, and Divine Understanding.” Yogi Bhajan
Saturday Morning 10am:
Yoga with Hayley and Kalyan Shakti (Yoga with Jerry) present a Kundalini Yoga session and gong bath:
“The heart is more than just an organ in the body. It is a powerful centre of intuition, and once tapped into, it will open the doors of love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and compassion. This session will work on unblocking the hearts energy centre, enabling you to feel the abundance of love, which awaits you once you open up to it”
Saturday Afternoon 2.30pm: Deepening Intimacy with Devajeet Kaur.
We will explore Yogi’s Bahjan’s teachings on relationships, and ways to deepen the intimacy between you and your partner/loved ones. How do we cultivate a divine relationship? Two bodies, one soul.
Dinner: Persian Feast!
Maghmour (persian moussaka)
Cauliflower rice Tabbulah
Roast Fig Persian pilaf
Kale, pomegranite and avocado with a lemon and tahini dressing
Hummus, Muhammara, baba Ganosh and breads
Selection of cheezecakes Rose & Lemon and chocolate hazelnut ganache
Saturday Evening: Jane Ford Farrand, a skilled sound therapist will guide you through a deeply restorative sound healing session. Jane uses her voice and sound healing instruments, for example, drums and gongs to establish resonance and thereby assist in raising the vibrational rate of the individual to bring about positive benefits. Jane’s practice has been successful in alleviating migraines, low self-esteem, depression, ME, eating disorders and many, many others.
Sunday Morning 10am: Kundalini Yoga by The Coast Jill Glozier presents a beautiful session on tapping into the creativity of the heart:
“When we access the boundless creativity that is available to us when we connect to the infinite, we can apply that openness and versatility to enrich our relationships with ourselves and others in a way that is fluid and authentic.”
Sunday Afternoon 2pm: Mick Brennan will deliver a soothing session and share with us the importance of living from Anahata, the heart chakra. Mick will guide us in balancing our energetic frequency, to beat with the vibration of the heart and universal love. “It is through the understanding of the heart, that the mind can realise the concept that Infinity is within us.”Yogi Bhajan.
The closing of our magical weekend you will be guided through Yoga Nidra helping us to ground and relax with one final gong bath.
When is the magic happening? 22nd – 24th March 2019
Arrive from: 5pm on 22nd
Completes on Sunday 24th: 4pm
If you are unable to attend the full weekend you can book separate days.
Venue: The Hub Barnard Castle
Investment: £265 Early Bird price until 14th February Valentines Day!
Standard: £295
To secure your place contact Mick Brennan on:
For more information contact Devajeet Kaur via inbox or email

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