New Class at Back To Balance Newcastle Thursday 7.15pm.

Join us at Back to Balance Newcastle this evening at 7.15pm where we’ll be practicing Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Chakra and Magnetic Field ❤️ and chanting the mantra Ong Sohung to open the heart.
This is a really important time of the month to do our spiritual and energy work, we can still harness the energies from the Harvest Full Moon. You may have noticed whatever is going on with you right now will be amplified by the lunar energies, keeping this in mind consider what your ready to let go of, and what energy you wish to attract into your life 😍 this moon will particularly help us in removing the blockages which prevent us from living the life we dream of, which could be associated with your past pain or experiences.

Contact Back to Balance to secure your place.


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