Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Devajeet Kaur – Vibrating Success!

Join me for this upcoming workshop where we will be focusing on raising your vibration to vibrate success✨😎 What does success look and feel like to you? Join me to plant the seeds of intention into your psyche and feel it at the essence of your being. We’ll embark on a mission to strengthen your glandular system using kundalini yoga and meditation – so your nervous system is able to harness the energies of a higher vibrational being!

We’ll discuss the spiritual laws of success, relax the body and mind in Yoga Nidra and I’ll encompass you in a cosmic embrace as the sound of the gong ripples through your physical being, resetting the nervous system so your ready for the opportunities the divine has to offer. To set you on your way lighter, brighter, focused… and vibrating success 🔆💜💪🙌

Entry: £20

To book: inbox Devajeet Kaur or email me at devajeetkundalini@gmail.com


Cloud 9 Well Being Cafe 3 Farringdon Road, North Shields NE30 3ER 16th September 2018 5-7pm

Shanti Bee Tynemouth Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5EP 28th September 2018 38985113_514872155634789_5422882573296599040_n.jpg7-9pm


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