Magical Ashtang Formula by Devajeet Kaur

Magical Ashtang Formula by Devajeet Kaur
KYTA Newsletter 8th August 2018guru-ram-das-ji
In a discussion with Ishwara Kaur and Kirpal Singh I became inspired and wanted to learn more about Ashtang Mantra, the cosmic cycle, that gives you the power to open “the lock”. This is not something insignificant and greatly deepens the experience of meditation.
Yogi Ji said ‘When this mantra is sung with the neck lock, at the point where prana meets apana, meet Sushmuna, the vibration opens the lock, and thus becomes one with the Divine.
The teacher training manual suggests ‘The Ashtang Mantra has 8 parts, beats or limbs. The rhythm of the Kundalini and its movement naturally responds to the Ashtang beat.’
Kirpal shared that the Ashtang mantra is like a magic formula. In our tradition there are several Ashtang mantras, I’ve added some examples below.
Ashtang mantras are chanted to the 8 counts of the beat, therefore it’s important to be mindful that a lot of our favourite songs and artists hold the note, stretching the syllables, which loses the magic in the formula. Of course, it’s great to sing along too, but if your aim is to unlock the gate to allow the infinite to flow to your finite self, keep those notes short.
In a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on 8th April 1971, he said “Whosoever in this Machine Age will meditate on and recite the Mantra which will glorify the Lord, and have, eight vibrations, will open the lock of ignorance and darkness. This will liberate that being, and unite him with the Divine.”
“All mantras are good, and are for the awakening of the Divine. But this mantra is effective and is the mantra of this time.” – Yogi Bhajan
Ek Ong Kar Sat Naam Siri Wahe Guru
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung
Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru
Long Ek Ong Kaur

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