The Power of the Ong by Devajeet Kaur

I love my work, my practice and teaching. However I often find I am totally caught up in the busyness of life, doing, planning, presenting, action, sometimes it doesn’t stop, I’ll admit I buzz off the adrenaline of ‘doing’, the excitement, the expansion.

However, I recently had this profound realisation after working on the Mantra’s, ‘Ong’ and ‘Kar’. ‘Ong’ is associated with the feminine, lunar, cooling, relaxed energy – it flows, nowhere to be, nothing to do just Is. ‘Kar’ is the masculine force, this solar powered, active, stimulating energy provides structure.

For me whilst chanting the mantra ‘Ong’ I realised how good it felt, I became overwhelmed with emotion with the realisation that I had been suppressing ‘Ong’ for some time. Caught up in the excitement and power of ‘Kar’, I realised every time I had space I would fill it with structure. I wasn’t allowing space for the divine to flow through. I was so busy in ‘Kar’ I hadn’t noticed the beautiful flowers, the first signs of spring, I hadn’t stopped to savour the taste of my Yogi Tea I hadn’t stopped to Be.

It’s great to expand, share our gift, but what I realise is stillness is just as important, that polarity compliments each other in the most divine way. In order to expand we need to contract, and in fact it’s essential so we can re-evaluate our goals, adjust our boundaries and protect our energy. Yogi Bhajan said –

“Contraction is the secret to expansion. Those who do not know how to contract. They do not know how to expand.”

Devajeet Kaur

Devajeet Kaur is Seva and Sangat Officer for KYTA.

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