💛 Strengthen Your Intuition 💛

intuitionLoneliness, sadness, anger, fear are signs you’ve become disconnected from your inner voice. Yogi Bhajan said if you listen carefully to simple wisdom, it enriches the mind and opens the heart to your intuition… I want to help you tap into yours.

Your intuition is your gut feeling, the inner knowingness that guides you. Often people are so engrossed by the external distractions of life, habitual patterns or the constant chatter of the mind they’ve forgotten how to listen.

Join me for this workshop, together we’ll practice Kundalini pranayarm, kriya and meditation to strengthen your intuition and stimulate the 5th chakra known as the 3rd eye, the seat of intuition. I’ll invite you to deeply relax, as I bathe you in the healing vibrations of the gong, as it encompasses you in a cosmic embrace, rejuvenating your mind and body. To complete this magical experience we’ll finish with kirtan, chanting the sacred mantra for intuition.

Where you can experience the magic:
Springwell Village 13th July Celebrate the New Moon 🌑 7pm-9pm
Cloud 9 Wellbeing Cafe North Shields 7pm-9pm
Shanti Bee Newcastle Friday 27th July Celebrate the full moon (time tbc) 🌕

Workshop: £20
Contact Devajeet Kaur to secure your place

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