‘WE ARE ONE’ Workshop.

31492192_434851973643411_3834824544518930432_nAs the beautiful souls around Tynemouth loved their Kundalini experience opening the heart chakra, I am holding an event at Cloud 9 on 3rd June 6pm-8pm.

In the ‘WE ARE ONE’ workshop I’ll explore the concept of inter-connectedness of everything in creation. The greatest illusion our ego creates is that we are separated, isolated and hidden from others, the earth, and other living things! This illusion is based on fear, the ego’s competitiveness, suvival instincts and our conditioning. The more you can cultivate a neutral mind the less seperated you feel.

As we commit to a spiritual practice we cultivate an understanding and acceptance that we are one with the infinite and all of creation, and develop an awareness of the infinity within ourselves. We dissolve the subconscious mind, and the obstacles created by the ego to clear our perception, so we see reality as it truly is.

I will introduce you to concepts such as ‘Indra’s net’ which in Yogic tradition and myth is the source that holds all of the activities and movements in the universe.

Yogi Bhajan told us we have access to unlimited resources if we can stay in the present moment and stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. It’s my responsibility as a Yogi and Teacher to help you develop your neutral mind which supports you in rising above your thoughts and develop awareness.

During this workshop, we will practice Kundalini Kriya, which is a set of movements and actions that manifest an outcome, together we will practice meditation and you will be supported on your path with a Yoga Nidra and a Sound bath. Yoga Nidra is like Yogic Sleep, I will guide you to go deeper into your inner world, a journey which facilitates your relaxation and the space for you to heal.

Then our bodies and minds will melt into the sound waves of the gong, and other healing instruments to reset your nervous system, release toxins from the body on deep cellular levels and totally clear your energy, creating a shift in energy and removing blockages. Sound Healing is an ancient, natural and effective technique. Sound Healing is believed to help in the treatment of stress, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sleeping problems, and chronic pain. It affects your brain activity to alpha and/or theta waves, helping you to become relaxed whilst still having an awareness of the outside world.

To secure your place contact Dev Ajeet Kaur.

Venue: Cloud 9 Wellbeing, 3 Farringdon Road, North Shields NE30 3ER
Date and Time: 3rd June 2018 18:00-20:00pm.
Investment: £20

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