Kundalini Sound Healing – Opening the Heart Sunday 22nd April

On 22nd April 16:00-18:00pm I will be leading a Kundalini Sound Healing Event at Cloud 9 Wellbeing Tynemouth.
The focus of this event is to open and clear the heart chakra. Sometimes our experiences, for example, trauma, pain associated with relationships and love/attachment, not processing grief and loss effectively. It can develop an energetic grip around the heart which shuts it down and causes energy blocks, our perception of the world becomes gloomy and darker, we are weary and distrustful of others, we become less open to opportunities. Take a child for example, they are open, loving, they have vitality, experience so much joy in the smallest thing. It is our life experiences and emotional baggage which takes us away from living like this, causing cosmic scarring. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.
Do you feel misery? Jealousy? Bitterness? Grief? Sadness/depression? Then your heart maybe suffering. This is not our natural state as human beings, Yogi Bhajan said it’s our birthright to be happy! We should live in a state of bliss. But in the society we live, due to generations of karmic patterns, we need to put the work in to elevate ourselves. To clear our subconscious mind, our karmic patterns and live a life filled with joy.
It is my mission and destiny in this lifetime to support you in this journey so you can live freely. Find your true essence, connect you to your soul, and be guided by your higher self.
Physical manifestations of a blocked heart are: heart diseases, ME, issues with the immune system, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and breast cancer.
During the session, I will guide your through a Kundalini Yoga Kriya to work on the heart center. Kundalini Yoga is my passion, and I have lived first hand the magic and power of this technology, I would LOVE to share it with YOU!
You will then relax and listen to Yoga Nidra, where I will guide you to go deeper into your inner world, to clear all of the chakras, specifically focusing on the heart.
Then our bodies and minds will melt into the sound waves of the gong, and other healing instruments to reset your nervous system, release toxins from the body on deep cellular levels and totally clear your energy, creating a shift in energy and removing any blockages. Sound Healing is an ancient, natural and effective technique. Sound Healing is believed to help in the treatment of stress, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sleeping problems, and chronic pain. It affects your brain activity to alpha and/or theta waves, helping you to become relaxed whilst still having an awareness of the outside world.
I want the universal energy to flow freely through your heart, by opening your heart you are more able to give and receive unconditional love, your will be more compassionate, generous, and develop your sense of inner harmony.
Your investment in you is £20
Please contact me to secure a place as spaces are limited.
I look forward to sharing with you this magical event. In such a beautiful community space.
Many blessings.
Dev xx
Cloud 9: Cloud 9 Wellbeing, 3 Farringdon Road, North Shields NE30 3ERheart-chakra

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