Last Man Standing

Because of how the human race treats the earth and animals, its so sad to think that the children of the future may never get to see a rhino, elephant or polar bear, yet they will never know existence without the internet, iphones or the xbox. And what saddens me even more is will they even care. To me, there’s something seriously disturbing about that.

Please make an effort to raise your awareness, take small steps in building a better future for yourself, your family, society and the earth. Even by donating a couple of pound a month to a charity of your choice, reading information that will help you understand what’s really going on not just what the media and the elite wants you to know (or think), dont drop litter, recycle, avoid plastic where possible, have meat free days. The list goes on. Together we are more powerful, together we can make a difference. But its down to all of us to consciously change habits, dont let taps run be conscious of switching lights off etc.

If anyone else has tips/advice on creating a better planet, I would love to hear them.

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