Embrace your Adi Shakti

Sat Nam,

In the past 6 months, I’ve become wholeheartedly inspired by Yogi Bhajans teachings for women, when I realised I’ve been supressing my divine feminine energy for years, not even supressing it, I just didnt realise it was there! Ten years ago I looked externally for my value as a woman, and fell into the trap many of our beautiful young women do – that you have to look pritty, and to do that you need hair/eyelash extentions, flawless make up, shiney white teeth to meet the criteria as a beautiful women. No one taught me what Yogi Bhajan taught me about being a woman, and thank GOD my eyes have been opened, whilst I can do something about it and tell others! So we can stop buying into this falsehood and learn how to step into our grace. Yogi Ji said “You don’t need make-up; you don’t need to make up for anything. You are known by your spirit. You shall project out by your radiance. You shall be loved and honored by your excellence.” July 24, 1996

Many women, me included, have felt trampled on by generations and generations of subordination which has continued to pass down through karmic patterns, you lost touch with the divine feminine. (Not having a go at males, we are all manifestations of source and light but the Piscean age was ruled by ego and male energy, in the Aquarian Age the polarity of the energies needs to come back into balance).

Yogi Bhajan said “The Piscean Age (before 2011) was the most ugliest age. It was the years in which the female was rooted out from her roots, and exploited to the brink and to the brim by men. Male/female relationship didnt have any strength. So females in the past century gave birth to the most fearful, insecure, impotent or oversexed men. We must start building a “Foundation for the New Age”. I’m here to tell you that the responsibility lies with us all. “The time has come for self value, to accept YOU are a manifestation of the divine.

Its time to unleash yourself from those energetic chains, and become a wave in the ocean of radiant females embracing the creative primal power within, the divine mother, the Adi Shakti. (Men its good for you to embrace this too 🙂 energetically we all have male and female energies within).

Because I feel so beautifully passionate about these teachings I’m going to be sharing with you in class some of the teachings, meditations and kriyas Yogi Bhajan gave us to embrace our shakti energy. Just listen to this mantra, imprint it in your subconscious and allow it to energetically radiate out into your arcline and infinity.

We need to look at our inner worlds, are you truely embracing your essence as a women?

Come with me, your spirit is calling. Join me for these sessions so we can grow together, I bow to you as Queens. As a society its important we move forward, together, into the New Age (That includes you too males 🙂

Weekly classes:

Wednesdays 5.30pm-6.30pm Space 6 Pilgrim Street Newcastle

Wednesdays 7.30pm-8.30pm Mybody Studios East Boldon

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