Living in alignment

So I had the most amazing weekend, that made me feel so blessed and happy on so many levels. This weekend nourished my soul, and reminded me how simple and beautiful life can be.

Friday night I went to my dear friend Lisa Bean’s Dare to Grow event, I laughed, cried and learnt so many brilliant tools in making my dreams a reality. Her inspirational talk made me feel like we are all capable of achieving so much, our fears sometimes hold us back. I set my goals and the intention of taking small steps every day, whether it be ‘I’m not going to eat chocolate today’ or ‘launching a new workshop’, its still a step in the direction of my dreams to be a healthy Yogini spreading as much light and love as possible into the world and helping others to heal and reach their full potential πŸ™‚

Spending Saturday night with friends – the lovely Alice Rosemary Allum and Lisa Bean, with the company of the pups, enjoying nice food, herbal tea, and films, chatting, laughing, supporting each other’s growth/ideas and planning adventures make me feel so content. We pick up other peoples vibrations constantly, have you ever noticed that after a negative conversation you’re emotionally drained? The highest vibrational frequency you can tune into is LOVE! And these amazing women absolutely make me feel the love πŸ™‚

I spent Sunday with two other legends and great friends Dyal Sangeet Kaur and Mick Brennan at the Kundalini Sound Healing ‘Awakening’ event the Hub Barnard Castle. A deeply nourishing experience with a wonderful community. We practiced Yoga to open the heart, during meditation I travel to the depths of my inner world I where I swim in the serene lake of my inner peace, the beauty of this never ceases to amaze me. I relaxed deeply with Yoga Nidra and I felt a cosmic hug encompass my whole body during Dyal’s sound healing session. We have a weekend retreat 28-30th April 18 for those wanting to join us. I got the opportunity to catch up with old and new friends and spiritual warriors embarking on the Kundalini Aquarian Teacher Training level one this November in Barnard Castle (and those thinking about it πŸ˜‰

I can well and truly say this weekend has lifted my spirits higher, raised me to a higher frequency and reminded me of the importance of, as Lisa would put it – living in alignment with your soul! Whats your soul telling you? Mines telling me to reach for the moon me med

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