Mantra Band

Advert written by Mike Sekowski. If interested you can contact him:
Hi Folks. I’d like to share the following idea with you. Since my introduction to Kundalini Yoga last April (2017), I’ve been really taken by the beautiful mantras that accompany the kryias, meditations and relaxation we do in class – both the up tempo and the more devotional mantras. I’ve also downloaded a number of mantras to form a playlist that I use during my home practice.
But rather than just listening to these mantras, I’d love to join or form a band of like minded people willing to learn to play and sing some of them. I play guitar and sing a bit (by no means an expert in either field !!). It would be great to join with anyone out there who sings and /or plays any of the following:-
– wind instruments such as recorder.
-percussion, eg tabla, djemba drums.
– keyboards, harmonium.
– any other instrument that suits this style of music.
A suggested way forward would be to initially hold a couple of meetings to plan the way ahead, choose a short repertoire of the simpler mantras and then establish regular practice sessions to learn them.
Rather than being a performing band, I see its purpose as leading the singing at area / regional Kundalini events, workshops etc for everyone to join in the singing. Music is medicine for the soul and a dose of live music would help generate a truly spiritual atmosphere at such events. Another possibility might be to hold, from time to time, spiritual devotional meetings where there would be some gentle kryias but the emphasis would be on meditation with mantras led by the band, again encouraging everyone to join in the singing.
The above thoughts are just seeds of an idea and I’m open to suggestion as to how it could evolve. So, if anyone is interested in joining such a project, perhaps you could email me (see below) to let me know what talents you could contribute. You don’t have to be a virtuoso – just a modicum of musical / singing ability plus a strong commitment to learn, practise and develop.
I am currently in an amateur secular band that has a few commitments until mid-October so could not undertake any regular practices of the mantra band till then. But in the meantime, the seed could begin to germinate with the initial gathering of interest and planning meetings mentioned above.

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