This week at Kundalini Yoga Newcastle

We continue to clear the 5th of the 10 bodies this week with the Physical Body.
Fifth Body: Physical Body
It’s important to clear the 5th body because it’s the vehicle which your soul uses to have an earthly experience. Without having a strong and healthy physical body, your experience of life is limited, your freedom capped.
When you master the 5th body you are able to take abstract ideas and communicatie them effectively, you live in a balanced state. When this body is weak you can be angry, jealous, competitive, greedyand have trouble expressing yourself.
So why come to Kundalini Yoga?
Kundalini Yoga supports us to release energy blocks, if left unattended these blocks can manifest physically and emotionally causing you immense pain and difficulties. During class we go within, clear the chakras and challenge the limiting beliefs of the ego. If you want personal and spiritual growth, emotional balance, healthier relationships, have more vitality… Kundalini Yoga from my experience is the best way to achieve it.
You can follow the link and book via the online booking system £7 single class or £48 for a block of 8. Or drop in is £7.

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