Happiness is your birthright!

What a day, had my first experience at the Sikh temple, wonderful teachings and chanting, the community were so welcoming it was joyful. Dinner at Sky Apple with two fantastic women I could chat to for hours on end, and who inspire me every time I see them, I truely buzz off their vibration! Then herbal tea with my soul sister Gill Main. Yogi Bhajan said ‘Happiness is our birthright’. And that’s so true, I know it’s difficult sometimes, but happiness is all around us, we have to choose to see it and dismantle the barriers of the ego that tell us “I could be happy if….” Choose living for now, choose happiness, and in Ewen Mcgregors own words…. choose life! haha It’s YOU that’s stopping YOU from connecting to whats rightfully yours.21146872_10150839896499967_576646657_o(1).jpg

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