Clearing the Third Body – The Positive Mind. This week at Kundalini Yoga Newcastle

“If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Third Body: Positive (Expansive) Mind

Characteristics of the third body are:
*Inspires you by showing the best possible results in any situation, making you optimistic and enthusiastic, however this can be a disadvantage if you fail to see the full picture.
*Unrealistic expectations about yourself or others
*You may be cheerful or make promises to please others.
*You may have the inability to say no.
*You may have issues incorporating your shadow self.

Mastery: strong will, use power easily and humbly; naturally playful and optimistic; Good sense of humor; can communicate directly

If weak: overwhelmed by input of the Negative Mind, which can be depressing and paralyzing; angry and intolerant, or hesitant to use your own power because of being afraid of the responsibility

Key to Balancing: strengthen the Navel Point (Third Chakra); use positive affirmations; strengthen the Negative Mind if the Positive Mind is overdeveloped

Join me to work on the third body @ Space Six Floor Six
Commercial Union House, 39 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE1 6QE.

Yogi Bhajan said the human body is made up of ten bodies: the physical body, three mental bodies, and six energy bodies. The eleventh embodiment – when all ten bodies are under your direction – produces a pure state of consciousness when you have the ability to see all events as God’s Play and recognize the God in all.

You can visualize your various bodies as layers of clothing, the physical body being the overcoat you wear for a lifetime. We know we have a physical body; we can see it, touch it, and feel it. We also have other bodies that are equally real, if not more so.

To pre-book visit Kundalini Yoga Newcastle and click on the link
classes are £7 drop in or £48 for 8 sessions.

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