Love Juice ….. Raise your vibration!

‘Love Juice’ Glass water bottle is great for your body, mind and spirit for a number of reasons.

Did you know using a plastic water bottle is not only harmful for your health but also harmful for the enviroment? Some studies have shown toxins are released from plastic bottles into the water, which you digest!

Plastic bottles aren’t biodegradable and take 300 years to decompose causing polution, killing fish and birds and swamping rivers.

‘Love Juice’ was developed based on the idea of Dr Emoto’s experiment. He studied the effects when labelling containers with different words and phrase’s. For example ‘Love’ ‘You make me sick’, the results were incrediable. The ‘Love’ containers formed into beautiful snowflake shapes, the negative containers were seperate, splattered and ugly. Consider this, we are 70% water, what effect are your thoughts having on you?

Buying a Love Juice water bottle has great benefits! Healthier you, healthier enviroment, healthier bank balance! Nourish your body, mind and soul with positive vibrations! Think about it, half the Earth is water, 70% of you is water, would’nt you prefer to be vibrating LOVE!

£5 bottles come as they are, £7 come with a healing crystal to give your water that extra vibration of love, calmness or protection.


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