Light and Soul Festival Sunday 30th July

AIM: The Light and Soul Festival has been designed to provide YOU with the
chance to do something really SPECIAL.
The First of its kind in the North East and hosted in fabulous green space. The day whether
you are experienced or not in the content disciplines, will provide you with a range of FUN
choices that YOU can adopt that will impact positively on your overall wellbeing.
I am excited, proud and happy to bring together the exceptional talents of THREE mind, body, spirit
specialists that also have North East wellbeing businesses of their own. Dev, Nam and Hilary
deliver their services with love, integrity and the passion that mirrors my own in enabling individuals
to get the best from their lives, incorporating wellbeing practices that make a difference into
everyday routines.
Dev Ajeet Kaur – is a dedicated practitioner of this “yoga of awareness” and is on a
journey to share the light and spread the joy that this practice has to offer through ‘Kundalini Yoga
North East’.
Nam Krishna Kaur – ‘Sat Nam Sunderland’ is also a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini
Yoga. As an Artist with her other business ‘It’s A Colourful Life’, Nam brings the same creative spirit
to her Yoga sessions.
Hilary Graham – ‘Body Reflexions North East’ where yoga, pilates, back rescue,
intrinsic biomechanics and so much more is on offer making
Hilary’ sessions a ‘unique’ combination of many disciplines.

METHODOLOGY: Incorporating a range of techniques through movement, YOU will have the
opportunity to experience the following in structured sessions:
􀁩 Welcome, domestics, mingling and getting your bearings of the venue healing space
􀁩 Building strength, flexibility and breathing through Yogalates and Restorative Yoga using a
range of props to allow prolonged holding and deepening to calm and rest your body and
􀁩 Kundalini Yoga, often called by practitioners “the Yoga of awareness” with the aim of
cultivating the creative, spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth, and
focus on compassion and consciousness to serve and heal others
􀁩 Moving Meditations, Mudra’s and Chanting providing a rich and transformational
technology that supports clearing the chakras, releasing stress, opening heart and helping
you to connect with YOU
􀁩 Yoga Nidra a deep relaxation technique to both quieten the mind and to encourage the
practice of dynamic sleep through Yoga Nidra
REFRESHMENTS: For lunch you are asked to bring vegetarian/vegan food to share with others on
Your Light and Soul Festival community, and a bottle of water. Other drinks e.g. water/herbal teas will
be provided at break times and throughout the day. All mats and props will be provided, if you prefer
to bring your own that is fine too.
INVESTMENT FEE: £45.00. Places are limited to 24 and in the first instance contact
Gill Main Developments Ltd at
MOBILE 0780 8139031856-Bob-Marley-Quote-Love-the-life-you-live-Live-the-life-you-love.jpg

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